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A joint project of 5 European partners

TRACK aims to create an interregional ecosystem to stimulate new innovative solutions fitting specific requirements of agrifood chain, and joint investments towards an advanced agrifood industry 4.0.

The agrifood sector is subject to different external pressures, such as rising demand for food, competition for land, globalisation, threats from animal/plant diseases, environmental changes and public health considerations. As a consequence, agrifood industry has to become more efficient and sustainable and take advantage of new technological developments.





Technologies, with ICT-Enabled Technologies as a major sector, will foster the mutation of agrifood toward precision farming, improved resource efficiency and sustainable production.

TRACK focusses on different types of data, like Upstream (Agronomic Data, Machine Data, Farm Management Data etc.), Transformation and delivery (Transformation process data for traceability, Logistics data etc.) and Downstream (Nutritional data, Traceability).

Interlinkage and operability between all these data require cooperation and the development of investment for modernisation of the agrifood value chain.

TRACK is at the crossroad of two Smart Specialisation Platforms:
platform for Industrial Modernisation and AgriFood platform.

This project was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme

Any questions about our project? Please send us an e-mail at info@trackgrowingdata.eu