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TRACK is the European project of Greenport West-Holland and four European partners. The aim of TRACK is the collaboration between the European regions for the application of big data and the improvement of the traceability of the agrofood, especially in cultivation applications and special attention for the MKB. The next meeting will be held in Angers during the international trade fair SIVAL from 15 to 17 January.

The agro & food sector is subject to external pressures, a challenge for land, globalization, threats from animal and plant diseases, changes in the environment and public health considerations. If necessary, innovative developments must be made more sustainable.

Technologies, with ICT-enabled technologies as a key sector, will transform agrifood to precision agriculture, improved conduction efficiency and sustainable production. TRACK wants an interregional ecosystem effect for new innovative solutions the approach of advanced agri-food industry 4.0. Colinda de Beer (business developer InnovationQuarter) supports the Greenport in the exploration of the business opportunities for the SME horticulture cluster.

Végépolys, one of the European partners that collaborates with the Greenport within TRACK, organizes the event VIBE (b2b & matchmaking) during the SIVAL on 15 January. Marga Vintges, project manager EU-Greenport, will be present at this event. More information about SIVAL and VIBE can be found on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.