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The Emilia-Romagna Agrifood Clust-ER/TRACK DEMOFARM-DAY of 20/10/2020 intends to make agrifood sector specialists better aware of new technologies created by ICT companies in a single demonstration and networking event.

For any software and hardware solution, the demonstration and testing component in the field has an irreplaceable value as a guarantee of good functioning; demofarm Martorano 5, created in 1984, offers available plots of land cultivated or not, with fruit / horticultural / extensive crops on which internet networks, sensors, IoT points are implemented by specialized technical and agronomic staff, familiar with production companies and their needs. This enables ICT companies designing and implementing IT solutions for agriculture to verify and demonstrate in a real situation the functionality of the IT / technological solution they are creating.

Over 50 information technology providers and 20 agrifood specialists – most of them SMEs, from Emilia-Romagna and other Italian regions – are expected to take part. Sis.ter one our TRACK SMEs will be at the DEMOFARM-DAY to demonstrate their own solutions in geospatial information technology. TRACK will seize this occasion to present the key results of the project which is closing at the end of November.