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On Tuesday September the 10th 2019 TRACK consortium members, had an online meeting with the members of the TRACK Advisory Group.

The TRACK project is almost halfway its time. A good moment to have a discussion with external experts on the work done, the outcomes and the activities to come.Participants of the meeting were:

  • Marga Vintges (Greenport West-Holland, TRACK)
  • Nicolas Fégeant (Vegepolys Valley, TRACK)
  • Emeline Defossez (Vegepolys Valley, TRACK)
  • Nicolas Nguyen (The Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, DIVA Coordinator)
  • Gus Verhaeghe (Flanders, Food Connensys Coordinator)
  • Caroline van der Werdt (TNO, Smart AgriHubs Representative)
  • Canjels Annemiek (Region Limburg, Regions4Food representative)
  • Judit Anda (Region Andalucia, S3P Traceability & Big Data Coordinator)

The discussion with the Advisory Group was very fruitful. The Survey done by Regions4Food, within other regions, had some same results, which is a sort of validation. The virtual community could be combined with the virtual community of other projects and platforms. Especially the mindmap with all the best practices is interesting for a large community.

Next steps for Advisory group will be:

  • Malaga, S3P Technical meeting in December 3-4 where some of the members will be
  • Thematic Missions or PIC Meeting where some of the members can meet
  • Advisory group meeting (first quarter of 2020, and September 2020)