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Greenport West-Holland will be responsible in the coming years for communication and knowledge exchange within the European TRACK project. The Greenport is working with regional clusters from Spain, Italy, France and Romania to support SMEs in the agrifood in developing new business opportunities, using big data. Friday, October 26 was the kickoff of TRACK in Brussels.

Greenport West-Holland is the regional network organization of government, industry, educational institutions and knowledge institutions. Together they work on a vital and sustainable future for the regional horticultural cluster.

Within TRACK, the Greenport works together with partners from Spain (Technological Corporation of Andalusia), France (VEGEPOLYS), Romania (AgroTransilvania Cluster) and Italy (Emilia-Romagna Regional Agrifood Clust-ER). The project is coordinated by VEGEPOLYS and financed by the COSME program of the European Union. TRACK has a duration of two years.

The aim of TRACK is to promote cooperation between European regions for the application of big data and to improve the traceability of agrofood, especially in cultivation applications. To this end, an interregional ecosystem is created within TRACK that stimulates innovative solutions for the agrifood chain. This should lead to better cooperation between the IT sector and the agricultural sector and to the development of agribusiness 4.0, or Smart Agrifood.

The Greenport will be responsible for communication and knowledge exchange within TRACK over the next two years. In addition, together with the other partners, we are working on support for SME companies in developing new business opportunities, using big data in the agrifood. To this end, proposals for the logo were presented during the kickoff meeting on 26 October, and a website and a number of events will soon be launched.