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The Spanish magazine “Agenda de la Empresa” interviewed Nathalie Chavrier, Agri-food Technical Officer at CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) on the digitalisation of the agri-food sector and the opportunities provided by TRACK project for European SMEs. CTA participates in the European TRACK project, funded by COSME Programme. TRACK project aims to create an interregional ecosystem to stimulate new innovative solutions fitting specific requirements of agri-food chain, and joint investments towards an advanced agri-food industry 4.0.

What are the challenges of the agri-food sector to make progress in digital transformation?
“The digitalisation of the agri-food sector is contributing to the evolution of productive models slowly. Currently, there are few farms in Spain that have integral technological solutions implemented. The reasons for this slowness are the strong atomisation of the agri-food sector and, consequently, the diversity of companies.

In this context, the development of tailor-made solutions is necessary. However, the investment capacity of SMEs, which constitute the 95% of the Andalusian agri-food sector, is reduced. In addition, not only the demand of the agri-food sector is fragmented, the technological supply as well. The placing on the market of integral solutions, covering all facets of the productive processes of an agricultural holding, requires collaboration between developers and technology suppliers.

It is also necessary a technification of professionals in the agri-food sector to assume the adoption of new technologies.”

What are the main innovation trends in Agriculture 4.0?
“IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence for decision-making assistance systems, Blockchain, remote sensing systems, geo-positioning and image processing are some of the areas in which research and innovations are currently being developed. It is expected that these innovations will be implemented in the medium term.”

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