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Partners TRACK


TRACK is a joint project of 5 European clusters:


Their work packages are:

  • Management & Strategy (VEGEPOLYS-VALLEY)
  • Innovation and business facilitation (Emilia Romagna Regional Agrifood Clust-ER)
  • ICT SME training and mentoring (Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía)
  • Communication and cross fertilization (Greenport West-Holland).



VEGEPOLYS-VALLEY has been recognized in France as the international plant competitiveness cluster. It has a unique concentration of firms, laboratories and schools operating in the plant world in Europe.

The cluster brings together companies involved directly and indirectly in plant growing with trade associations, unions, and development bodies as well as local chambers of trade and commerce. Its network gathers 380 members : firms, research and training centres in the plant field around some innovative projects to strengthen the firms’ competitiveness.

VEGEPOLYS-VALLEY is dedicating a major part of its technological roadmap, to new technologies for agriculture. Actions on Innovation and Business development are conducted on: Sensors and indicators for crop monitoring, Means of action on field for selective or precision farming and Decision Supporting Tools for crop management (from seed to post-harvest process).

Website: www.vegepolys-valley.eu/en

Agro Transilvania Cluster

The mission of AgroTransilvania Cluster is to become an integrative pole of sustainable development of agroindustry sector in and to support the sustainable competitiveness of the agri-industrial sector.

 AgroTransilvania Cluster (ATC) is a professional association in the field of agri-food,  including input suppliers, farmer associations, processors, universities, research institutes, commercial bank, consulting companies, local/regional authorities, distributors, catalyzing institutions. ATC supports increases the competitiveness of the association and its members, both on national and international market.

The main activity of the association represents the integration of all these entities into a sustainable and competitive value chain, that could bring notoriety and visibility to Transylvanian’s local products.

The strategic objectives of AgroTransilvania Cluster are: Increase of Sustainable Competitiveness of the Agri-Industrial Sector in the Romanian region of Transylvania; Encouraging the Set-up and/or the Development of Associative Forms; Integration of Producers and/or Associative Forms into the Value Chain; Increase of Qualitative and Quantitative Representatives of the Cluster; Support the Development of Local and Regional Initiatives; Encouraging the Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer in the Agri-Industrial Sector.

Website: www.agrocluster.ro

Emilia Romagna Regional Agrifood Clust-ER

The Associazione Clust-ER Agroalimentare is a no-profit association that aims to strengthen the innovation system in the agri-food sector in Emilia-Romagna, developing collaborative research and technology transfer.

The Associazione Clust-ER Agroalimentare (‘Clust-ER Agrifood’) promotes sustainable agro-food models based on effective monitoring actions, and product/process innovations and strengthens the capacities of the innovation system to promote strategic skills of high regional impact and to create networking opportunities among research laboratories, enterprises and high vocational training.

Priorities are: competitivity and sustainability of the agro-food productions (innovative genotypes, protection of soil and natural resources); precision farming; food stabilization, reduction of thermic damages, risk monitoring, products traceability and certification; valorization of the regional food heritage and territorial typical products; facilitate the adoption of innovative methodologies of design and implementation of food plants, with a scientific approach to process control and food security; strengthening the circular bio-economy, involving the value chain actions.

The Clust-ER Agrifood is composed of 49 members, of which innovation centres (7), laboratories (29) and private companies (13) operating in the most important agricultural production chains.

Website: www.retealtatecnologia.it/clust-er/agroalimentare

Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía

Fundación Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía is a regional public-private partnership to trigger innovation activities and to connect these activities with academia and society.

Currently, Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA) is owned by more than 150 companies, 70% of them SMEs, in 7 main European industrial priority sectors: ICT, Aerospace and productive processes, Agri-food, Biotechnology, Building and civil engineering and Energy and Environment.

CTA is member and participant of the S3 Agrifood platform of traceability and Big Data, led by the Andalusian Agriculture regional council and organises sectorial technical committees and workshops involving member companies, scientific community and public administration. Main goal is to foster the dialogue between all the stakeholders in specific innovating subjects.

CTA collaborates in many technology transfer initiatives addressed to start-ups as a validator and evaluator of third entities entrepreneurship programmes, as well as an evaluator of initiatives based on innovative technologies. Since its foundation, CTA has evaluated more than 350 innovation business initiatives, more than 250 in the last 5 years.

Website: www.corporaciontecnologica.com

Greenport West-Holland

Greenport West-Holland is a cluster of the greenhouse production and the whole horticultural chain: from seed to feed, including technology and building. 

Dutch horticulture is a global trendsetter and a leading innovator in greenhouse technology, concentrated in Greenports. These are agri & horti clusters where businesses and research institutes work closely together on production, R&D, logistics, infrastructure, and exports, with the support of local and regional governement.

West-Holland, the strong Greenport in the western part of the Netherlands, is known for the largest greenhouse area in the world, hosting world leading companies in the field of horticulture. Here new concepts and innovations are tested to contribute to the world’s food supply including vertical urban farming, robot fruit pickers, innovative energy-saving lighting, water and waste recycling, and energy efficiency.

All horticulture related organisations are involved. The official members are 13 municipalities, 1 region (Zuid-Holland), Delfland Water Authority, 22 companies of whom 18 SME’s, 7 knowledge (schools, universities) institutes.

 Website: www.greenportwestholland.nl

This project was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme

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