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2019 – December 

S3P Agrifood event, Malaga
11 December: Webinar ICT for Agrifood EU Funding foor R&D&I Agrotech Projects led by SMES

2019 – October

31 October: Webinar ICT for Agrifood an Ecosystem of Technologies
24 October: ICT for Agrifood How to Approach Agrifood Market

2019 – 19-20 September

TRACK/Cluster Meeting “Data growing for agri-food”,  , Cluj, Romania

2019 – 11-14 June

TRACK/Plant Inter Cluster Meeting, Amsterdam, Naaldwijk (NL), June 11-14 2019: event during GreenTech   Amsterdam (excursions, workshops, etc.); coordination: Greenport West-Holland

2019- 27-29 March 

ERIAFF Conference / Smart Specialisation platforms meeting, Florence (It); presentation about the consortium and the goals of TRACK

2019 – 27 February

1 March Nefertiti, Albarese (It), Nefertiti, Albarese;  flyers and discussion with the relevant network leaders

2019 – 15 February

Greenboard Greenport West-Holland, February 15 2019; presentation about the consortium and the goals of TRACK, if possible to make SME’s enthusiast.

2019 – 23 January

Opportunities for intercluster cooperation for the internationalization and innovation of SMEs in the regions of Macaronesia.
Organizers: Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias and Clustering MAC Project.
Place: Puerto de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Online presentation about TRACK

2019 – 15-17 January

VIBE; Plant Intercluster (Vegepolys) Angers (Fr)

– Westland Event, Naaldwijk (NL), December 7 2018
– Klankbordgroep Big Data, Naaldwijk (NL) December 6 2018, presentation
– EU Fesh Forum, Naaldwijk (NL), November 28-30 2018, presentation
– S3 Thematic Platforms Days, Bilbao (Es), November 27-28 2018
– Datagedreven Landbouw, Naaldwijk (NL), November 13 2018, presentation
– ERIAFF Technical meeting, Brussels, November 9 2018

   (https://www.vegepolys.eu/en/our-services/information-and-network/news-and- events/9292-2019-0115-vibe-2019.html); in B2B




This project was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme

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