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A central, strategic phase of TRACK has just kicked-off with the selection of 7 bankable pilot projects which will now receive support to be accelerated to the next Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) through trans-cluster collaboration and specialist support. 

The matching of selected projects’ needs (technical, commercial, legal and intellectual property based for example) with skills and competences of other clusters’ members and external specialists will be provided by the participating TRACK clusters, in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network members of these areas, their innovation centres and the supporting organizations.

The projects are led by seven SMEs, as follows:
•       SITIA (FR)
•       Applied Drone Innovations B.V. (NL)
•       Sis.Ter SRL (IT)
•       Zuffellato Technologies S.R.L. (IT)
•       CentricIT (R)
•       Weenat (FR)

All SME’s propose Technologies 4.0 solutions that have reached a TRL of 6 minimum (technology demonstrated in relevant environment) and which need further support to be brought to users, generally agrifood SMEs. We will share more news about each project in the coming weeks and will regularly report on the progress of their support programme. Watch this space!