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As previously reported, over the summer of 2019, TRACK opened a call for identification of “bankable projects” i.e. projects led/owned by SMEs proposing to bring “digital solutions” of TRL 6 minimum, primarily linked to traceability and big data, to the agrifood sector that would be accelerated to the next TRL level through trans-cluster collaboration. 

Received applications were discussed on 18 September at the TRACK meeting in Cluj, Romania. The selection committee consisting of Nicolas Fégeant (Vegepolys Valley), Emeline Desfossez, Marco Foschini (Agrifood Clust-ER), Felix Arion (ATC), Colinda De Beer (GPWH) and Rocio De la Rosa (CTA) decided to support 7 projects as follows: 

  • SITIA (FR)
  • Applied Drone Innovations B.V. (NL) 
  • Sis.Ter SRL (IT) 
  • Zuffellato Technologies S.R.L. (IT)
  • CentricIT (R)
  • Weenat (FR) 

The support to these companies has now started; its consists of the following steps:

  • Step #1: refine the needs for support, “Needs Mapping & Milestones setting” – from that first step a first version of a project abstract will be created to be used at TRACK events.
  • Step#2: “Dialogue Mapping”; together with the SMEs, we will identify collaboration opportunities with cluster staff (also across countries) and specialist support (external experts).
  • Step#3: “Implementation”; together with the SMEs we will deliver support as per Map created at Step #1, in the form of either technical/testing/validation support, business planning/business development/marketing support, legal/IP support. For the most advanced projects (i.e. with sufficient TRL level, 7-9), supporting them in identifying investors may also be offered.

Further updates on the support implementation will be given in the coming weeks!