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9 ICT SMEs were selected for the TRACK training programme, these are: Sinapssia, Sis-ter, Zuffellato, Centric IT, Landfiles, Agrithermic, Nutrasing, Sixphere and Symbia Solutions. The 10 ICT SMEs selected will receive support from the TRACK Consortium experts regarding their commercial and technology strategy to approach their business models to the agrifood market.

The training programme will be implemented through next steps:
• A specific first webinar with the main actions that ICT SMEs should do to get closer to the agrifood sector. It will be broadcasted at the end of October and the final date will be posted shortly in the TRACK website.
• Individual planned sessions (from 1 to 3) with each ICT SMEs after the webinar. The main of the meetings will consist in detecting the gaps between the ICT SMEs capacities and their commercial objective for agrifood sector. Continuous counselling will be offered from October 2019 to March 2020.

On the other hand, all the ICT SMEs selected that are interesting in internationalizing their business models will also receive an internationalization mentoring from March 2020 to September 2020.

In pararell, the TRACk consortium will be broadcasting webinar sessions throughout the project life. These are public and can also be accessed by the ICT SMEs selected for the training programme.