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The European TRACK project has just started the Coaching Programme aimed at the 9 European ICT SMEs that were selected in the call. These SMEs are Sinapssia (Spain), Sis-ter (Italy), Zuffellato (Italy), Centric IT (Romania), Landfiles (France), Agrithermic (France), Nutrasing (Spain), Sixphere (Spain) and Symbia Solutions (Spain). The 9 companies are receiving support from the TRACK Consortium experts regarding their commercial and technology strategy to approach their business models to the agri-food market. 

CTA (corporaciontecnologica.com) has organised the first webinar with recommendations and actions that the SMEs should do to get closer the agri-food sector. Furthermore, the TRACK Consortium experts has held an individual meeting with each SME in order to detect the gaps between the companies’ capacities and their commercial purpose in the agri-food sector. The Coaching Programme will finish on the 31st of March 2020. 

The International Mentoring will start in April 2020 until September 2020. The 9 SMEs will receive support to internationalise their agri-food business plans. Depending on the maturity of business plan and the specific needs of each company, the Consortium mentors will provide support for:

  • Identification of networks portfolio.
  • International markets prospective.
  • Preparation of investors round.
  • Preparation of B2B agenda with potential clients.
  • Preparation of application for transnational RDTI call for projects.