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CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) organised a workshop on challenges and opportunities for the digitalisation of the Andalusian agri-food sector in Seville (Spain) on the 6th of June. More than 30 R&D managers, CFOs and CEOs from agri-food and ICT companies participated in the event. This workshop was held within the framework of the European TRACK project that aims to increase the competitiveness of the agri-food industry through the application of Big Data solutions.

Andalusian agri-food and ICT SMEs are part of the digitalisation of the agri-food value chains and contribute to the implementation of new business models based on ICT. The collaboration between agri-food and ICT companies is key. The workshop brought these two sectors together to carry out a reflection on their common challenges.

In the workshop, several working groups focused on identifying the needs and demands of agri-food companies on the one hand, and the technological offers available from the ICT sector on the other. At the end, all the conclusions were put together to detect collaboration opportunities and success stories.